What my magazine writing students will read this semester

It’s been a couple of years since I last taught my magazine and feature writing course at Laurier Brantford, so I took some time over the holidays to update my reading list to incorporate some of the great new pieces I’ve discovered since then. Many of them are available for free online, so I thought I’d share them in case anyone else is looking for some new material.

Bauer, Gabrielle.  (2002). “Gender Bender.” Saturday Night.

Curtis, Andrea. (2005). “Small Mercies.” Toronto Life. Available online.

David, Dan. (1997). “All My Relations.” This Magazine.

Dunphy, Catherine. (1993). “Immoral Support.” Chatelaine.

Jones, Chris. (2012). “Animals.” Esquire. Available online.

McClelland, Mac. (2012). “I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave.” Mother Jones. Available online.

McLaughlin, Paul. (1995). “ET: The Extraterrestrial Therapist.” Saturday Night.

McPhee, John. (2009). “Checkpoints.” The New Yorker.

Mead, Rebecca. (2011). “Better, Faster, Stronger.” The New Yorker. Available online.

Pollan, Michael. (2002). “Power Steer.” The New York Times Magazine. Available online.

Orlean, Susan. (2002). “The American Man, Age Ten.” The Bullfighter Checks Her Makeup. New York: Random House.

Paterniti, Michael. (1997). “Driving Mr. Albert.” Harper’s Magazine.

Randolph, Mike. (2006). “In Search of the Giant Eel.” In Little, J. (Ed.), Way Out There: The Best of explore. Vancouver: Greystone Books.

Sacks, Danielle. (2010). “Alex Bogusky Tells All: He left the world’s hottest ad agency to find his soul.” Fast Company. Available online.

Saslow, Eli. (2012). “Life of a Salesman: Selling success, when optimism is downsized.” The Washington Post. Available online.

Update (01/07/13): I neglected to mention that these are the stories my students will read in addition to the ones included in Ivor Shapiro’s excellent textbook The Bigger Picture: Elements of Feature Writing.