Anthology celebrates queer families

The first actual review of A Family by Any Other Name was published yesterday. It appeared in The Coastal Spectator, a Canadian criticism site based in Victoria.

I don’t want to spoil it, but here’s some of what reviewer Julian Gunn had to say:

You should know: this is a good book. The average quality of the essays here is remarkably high. I like to think people who identify as queer take it extra seriously when we set out to tell our stories, but it must also be true that Gillespie is a fine editor who knows how to inspire his contributors. A Family By Any Other Name has a lineage of its own. Gillespie has produced a whole series of anthologies examining the idea of family from all sorts of angles. Full disclosure: I am in one of them. It’s Nobody’s Father: Life Without Kids (2008), co-edited by Lynne Van Luven. A Family By Any Other Name is a substantial addition to the series. It may even be Gillespie’s best.

Read the rest of this very thoughtful review here.