Catching up with more great reviews

While I was in France for the past two weeks, two more great reviews came out for A Family by Any Other Name. (I’m sorry: there’s just no way to write “I was in France for two weeks” without implying “…and you weren’t. Ha!” I tried. I really did.)

The first was in Bunch, a Toronto-based online magazine for “parents everywhere living an exuberant, urban, connected family life.” In her review, journalist Meri Perra said

The stories are beautiful, without shying away from intelligent critique. They are by turns tragic and joyful….The essays in A Family By Any Other Name are stories of choosing family, of liberation and of acceptance, and all the ways that through work and love we are better off through this thing that we define as family.

The second review was in the Library Journal, a highly respected American magazine by and for librarians. Unfortunately, this review hasn’t made it online yet, but in the print edition, New York librarian Jessica Spears calls the book:

A well-written, inspirational, and light read, recommended especially for those questioning how their queer or non-traditional family fits into society.