The family is seriously in need of renovation

Another day, another lovely review of A Family by Any Other Name. This time, it’s from author Maria Meindl (Outside the Box: the Life and Legacy of Writer Mona Gould, the Grandmother I Thought I Knew) on her Body Language blog.

She mentions my book alongside another recent title focused on the family: The M Word: Conversations About Motherhood (in which Meindl has an essay), edited by Kerry Clare, which puts me in very good company indeed.

About A Family by Any Other Name, Meindl says:

There’s an exquisite hopefulness to this book, despite the difficulties many of its contributors have endured. Marriage, parenting, family-building, are presented as fresh and filled with sweetness.

She also notes — quite rightly, I think — that at this point in time,

…the family is seriously in need of renovation. And conversations are part of the repair.

You can read the full post here.