Brantford is awesome

Something I often hear from my students is that living and studying in Brantford is nothing like they expected–essentially, it’s better. But many of them admit to having misgivings about the city before they got here. As many of them come from the Greater Toronto Area, or other major metropolitan centres, they worry about what life in a smaller place might be like. Will it be welcoming? Will there be anything to do besides study?

To answer these questions, the Digital Media and Journalism program received a grant to hire first- and second-year students to create videos explaining why Brantford is awesome and highlight what surprised them about the city and what they like about living and studying here. We didn’t assign them topics; instead, the students chose to focus on what they like most about Brantford, which included its landscape and proximity to nature, its welcoming and diverse community, its easy access to farm-fresh produce and range of affordable activities, such as boxing.

We launched the videos last week and got some great press about the project. You can check out the videos below: