NASH feature-writing slides

FeaturesI had a great time at the NASH conference in Toronto last week (which I have to point out was co-organized by a graduate of Laurier’s Digital Media and Journalism program, Allison Leonard).

I met some inspiring student journalists from across the country, as well as some longtime industry colleagues who I’d previously only known from email or Twitter. I also got to judge the flash file competition, which was lots of fun.

A few people have asked me to share the slides from my feature-writing presentation, as they weren’t able to make the session or wanted to share them with some of their colleagues at home. I’m happy to do so, if only for another shot at my Mariah Carey joke.

Because the slides probably wouldn’t make much sense on their own, as they’re quite concise, I’ve bundled them with my speaking notes, which offer a little more detail. You can download them here.