News Writing and Reporting

News Writing and Reporting: An Introduction to Skills and Theory

(Oxford University Press, 2018). Bruce Gillespie.

News Writing and Reporting: An Introduction to Skills and Theory is a concise, friendly guide to mastering the fundamentals of journalism practice in Canada. Award-winning Canadian writer and editor Bruce Gillespie demonstrates essential skills–such as conducting interviews, evaluating newsworthiness, developing story ideas, and recognizing legal and ethical issues–which are followed by a compelling selection of readings written by foremost journalism experts and scholars in Canada, including Duncan McCue, Ivor Shapiro, and Yasmin Jiwani.

Together, these experts provide students with a well-informed, balanced foundation in journalism practice and thought. Complete with exercises and examples that are seamlessly integrated into this upbeat narrative, along with end-of-chapter discussion questions and further resources, News Writing and Reporting motivates students to develop practical skills and think critically about the roles and responsibilities of journalists today.

“News Writing and Reporting is written in a clear, concise, accessible style that is easy to read. The exercises provided allow students to put into direct practice the concepts which they have just learned. The segment on how to find story ideas should be printed and posted beside every working reporter’s desk.” — Susan Fuehr, Instructor, Digital Journalism program, University of Windsor

“News Writing and Reporting provides detailed and deconstructed explanations of core journalistic concepts. The ethics section is vivid and ‘real-world’ and the suggested further readings at the end of chapters are deep and well thought out.” James Turner, Instructor, Creative Communications, Red River College

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