Somebody’s Child

Somebody's ChildSomebody’s Child: Stories About Adoption (TouchWood Editions, 2011). Edited by Bruce Gillespie and Lynne Van Luven. Foreword by Michaela Pereira.


With essays by Laura Barcella, Christina Brobby, Jane Byers, Nicole M. Callahan, Bonnie Evans, Stephanie Farrington, Michelle Fried, Liz M. Forbes, Beth Grosart, Elaine Hayes, Barbara-Helen Hill, Judith Hope, Will Johnson, M. Jane Johnston, Frank Kafka, Dale Lee Kwong, Angela Long, Kelly R. Lynn, The MacAndrew Family, Lori McMinn, J. Jill Robinson, Kelly Russell, Raquel Schneidmiller, Jim Taylor and Ola Zuri

Our quest for origin and, by extension, identity is universal to the human experience. For the twenty-five contributors to Somebody’s Child, the topic of adoption is not—and perhaps never can be—a neutral issue. With unique courage, each of them discusses their experience of the adoption process. Some share stories of heartbreak; others have discovered joy; some have searched for closure. Somebody’s Child captures the many unforgettable faces and voices of adoption.

The third book in a series of anthologies about the twenty-first-century family, Somebody’s Child follows Nobody’s Mother and Nobody’s Father, two essay collections from childless adults on parenthood, family and choices. Together, these three books challenge readers to reexamine traditional definitions of the concept of “family.”

“Each [story]—like life itself—is full of unexpected twists and surprises. But all of the narrators are honest, compassionate and have something important to say about the ways their lives have been forever changed by adoption.” —The Toronto Star

“In Somebody’s Child, adoptees, siblings, birth and adoptive parents and grandparents share an open look at lifetimes built and touched by adoption. Some paths are joyful, others sorrowful, but all seem to share the common theme of identity and the desire to know where we come from…. This anthology is one to be enjoyed with a strong cup of tea and a box of tissue and shared with friends and family, whether they share an adoption connection or not.” —Focus On Adoption magazine

“With stories flooding in from all angles of adoption, the final 25 range from the classic young woman forced to give up her baby to the child who is always looking for an unknown face in the crowd, to the gay parent, the sibling dynamics and more.” —Monday Magazine

“Like the pieces of the puzzle in the lives of adoptees seeking their identity, these essays fit together to form as complete an understanding as is ever possible.” —Betty Jane Hegerat

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Somebody's Child: Stories about Adoption

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