Nobody’s Father

Nobody's FatherNobody’s Father: Life Without Kids (TouchWood Editions, 2008). Edited by Lynne Van Luven and Bruce Gillespie. Foreword by Tomson Highway.

With essays by John Gould, Julian Gunn, Mark H. Masse, Richard Lemm, Gord More, Bryan Steinnagel, Bob Stallworthy, Richard Van Camp, Andrew Boden, Lou Parsons, Vladimir Konieczny, G. Scott Pittendrigh, Ray Jones, Aaron Sheppard, John Barton, John Lent, Jack Hughes, Bruce Atchison, Brian Day, Mike Hutchins, Bruce Gillespie, Allan Wilson and Don W. Maybin.

In a sequel to the celebrated collection of stories Nobody’s Mother comes an honest and poignant collection of essays from men who have forgone fatherhood.

Statistics Canada data show that seven per cent of women and eight per cent of men intend to remain childless. Nobody’s Father gives readers fresh, honest insights into that male eight per cent. Ranging in age from young manhood to late middle age, some gay and some straight, and making their homes across North America, the contributors explore the issues of what it means to live a life without children. While some writers admit they are haunted by feelings of failure to live up to their own fathers’ expectations and to carry on the family name, others admit to knowing from an early age that parenthood was not for them and are content with the alternative lives they lead.

“The essays explore a terriitory worth knowing, a region that relatively few of us frequent.”—Monday Magazine

“A well-written meditation on not having children.”—The Malahat Review

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Nobody's Father

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